Icelandic Sheep...A Hearty Breed...

Icelandic Sheep...A Hearty Breed...

Iceland Sheep

The Icelandic breed was introduced to Iceland when the Vikings settled the area during the 8th and 9th centuries. The Icelandic breed has been developed in almost complete isolation for over 1000 years, which makes them one of the World's purest breeds.

The fleece is dual-coated and comes in white as well as a variety of other colors, including a range of browns, grays, and blacks. The outer coat, called "Tog" is long and course and is perfect for outwear garments, weaving, etc. The under coat is called "Thel" and is very soft and lustrous and great for garments that are worn next to the skin. The coats can be separated from the fleece and spun individually, however most commercially prepared fibers contains both coats.

The average micron of the outer coat or Tog is 27-31 Microns. The undercoat or Thel averages 19-22 Microns. Staple lengths for the outer coat is 4-18 inches. The undercoat is 2-4 inches.

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