Whitefaced Woodland Wool Top - 1oz

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The Whitefaced Woodland Sheep is a rare mountain, hill breed from the Pennines mountains and hills in Northern England.

Whitefaced Woodlands have a finer fleece than most hill breeds; this is attributed to the addition of Merino blood in the 18th century. Its pleasant to spin and is valued for its ability to take colored dyes. Blending or plying the wool with yarns such as mohair or silk can produce decorative and luxurious effects .

Micron Count: 35-38
Staple Length: 4 - 7 inches
Amount: 1oz

** NOTE: Pictures represent approx 12 ounces or more of fiber. All fibers are sold by the ounce. Larger and custom orders are available on request or by purchasing multiple items.

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