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Congrats to Sylvia H., July's fiber giveaway winner - 4oz of Whitefaced Woodland.

August's fiber is Brown Bluefaced Leicester.

The Bluefaced Leicester is a long-wool breed of sheep and produces fantastic wool for spinning and dyeing. This wonderful mix is a 75/25 blend of natural white and natural black blue-face Leicester.

Micron Count: 25-27
Staple Length: 4 inches

Winners will be selected at random from our current newsletter subscribers list and must have a valid email address. Gift cards will be delivered via email, so please be sure you enter a valid email when signing up for our newsletter. Winners will be contacted via email for confirmation. We'll announce the winner on the 1st of the following month ​(i.e. January winner will be announced on February 1st and listed on this page)



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