Fabulous Fibers & Such...

Creating Silk Thread...

Creating silk thread is an involved process that takes a bit of time and skill, but is rewarding. 

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Banana Fiber

Banana makes a wonderful luxury fiber that's produced from the stalks of the banana plant.

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Artasaurus 10% Sale - Laughing Lamb Fibers

We're excited to announce that our good friends over at Artasaurus are running a special sale only for Laughing Lamb customers! Check it out here. Be sure to use the code: laughinglamb10 at checkout.

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Coming Soon - Exciting Changes to the Ashford Rigid Heddle Loom!

Ashford has made some innovative upgrades to one of our favorite looms. The second heddle side post is now included standard in the 16", 24", 32", and 48" rigid heddle looms. This means you no longer have to purchase the second heddle adapter separately. However, you would still need to purchase a second matching dpi reed. In addition, all standard rigid heddle looms now have holes drilled in the bottom of the rails to enable you to use your loom as a warping frame for the indirect warping method. This will be a great space saver as it can eliminate the need...

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We're Moving!

Hello everyone, we're moving our retail shop to Sidney Nebraska in September! We've secured a historic building in the Downtown District where we'll have over 4 times the space we do now. The building is on the historic registry and was built in 1904, so it has alot of history & character. Our current location will be closed during the last week of August (25th - 31st) but our shipping department will keep rolling ;-) We'll be doing some remodeling to the Sidney building during the month of September and hope to have a Grand Opening in October (TBA). We'll miss...

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