Light Grey Swaledale Wool Top - 1oz

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Swaledale is a breed of domestic sheep and is found in the Northern English hill country, most often referred to as the English Lake District.

Swaledale is a rough, natural and hard-wearing wool with some intermixed dark fibers. It's a perfect fiber for projects that need to stand up to rough wear and conditions. It's approx. 35-45 microns with a staple length of 100-200mm. The fleece varies in colour from white to grey. Perfect for hand spinning, hand felting and many other craft uses.

Amount: 1oz

** NOTE: Pictures represent approx 12 ounces or more of fiber. All fibers are sold by the ounce. Larger and custom orders are available on request or by purchasing multiple items.

*Please note colors may vary slightly from what you see on your monitor screen.*