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Klik is a 4 harness loom that expands to 16 shafts. This is the least expensive 16 harness loom on the market for sure. Klik is named for the distinctive kliking sound each harness make as it klik back into place, either raised or lowered.


22 3/4” x 30 3/4” x 8 1/2”

Weight: 15.4 lb

The klik requires manual manipulation of each harness on each pic, so it is a slow process when weaving. Having said that, many weavers swear by it for a 16 harness sampling loom. Optional bench, floorstand, and 2nd warp beam are available.

Klik is very suitable for workshops, sampling or teaching new weavers. The harnesses are raised Independently by manually lifting the handles at the sides until the little springs click out. The harnesses fall back into place when the springs are pushed back in.